Average Lipo 360 Patient Loses 4-6"

Imagen Body Sculpting is Nebraska’s Premier Liposuction Center, specializing in the most advanced techniques for life-changing results! Lipo 360 is the most popular procedure at Imagen Body Sculpting because it targets the most common problem areas for both men & women: Upper & Lower Abdomen + Flanks (Love Handles). With SmartLipo Triplex (laser-assisted liposuction), patients lose an average of 4-6 inches from their waist! 

Omaha Liposuction by Imagen Body Sculpting

  • Liquify fat before removal for smoother results.
  • Stimulate collagen to improve skin elasticity.
  • Greater results with less downtime.



Body Sculpting by Imagen

Brazilian Butt Lift & Hi-Def Muscle Etching

Financing Options For Everyone!

To make liposuction affordable for all patients, Imagen Body Sculpting & Cosmetic Center offers a variety of financing options including Lipo Layaway, which doesn’t require a credit check, as well as multiple 0% interest financing plans with high approval rates. 

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